Yamagami Seiko

From Circle Of The Crone

Player: Janeka Rector, who currently lives in Atlanta, GA.

Name: Yamagami Seiko.

Clan: Nosferatu (Clan Status 1).

Nosferatu Quirk: When one speaks to Seiko, they feel as if she is also standing behind them. Staring.

Covenant: Circle of the Crone (Covenant Status 1)


Location: She currently resides in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Common Knowledge among the Circle:

Seiko is not terribly social and is more known for who else she knows rather than for her own doings. She has been seen often in the company of Julia Kincaid, Amrit Patel, Body Count, and Satish Singh Siddhu among the Crone.

She has opened her private sanctum to train acolytes in the past but it seems that very few have taken her up on it as her training is meticulous and exacting. Rumours are that it takes at least 7 years before she will reveal the Face of the Crone to those who seek her mentorship.

She is a strange mix of African and Asian heritage yet she has never shared the aspect of the Crone she follows with anyone save those who have accepted her training. Any glimpse into her practices reveals Buddhist leanings. Other than that, she generally has little patience or use for men though events of late display otherwise.


  • What a waste of a Woman. (In reference to any woman who places herself under the dominion of a man.)

Rumors and Stories If you or your PC has heard rumors or stories about Seiko, feel free to post them below here.

  • It is rumored that Seiko has close ties to many of the most influential leaders in the Northeastern part of the country including the Cardinal Marcus Dirae, The Reverend Jarvis, and Prince Cynric St. George of Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • It is rumored that Seiko is quietly creating her own private army of assassins, including BC and Satish as her childer.
  • Through a secret and heinous Cruác ritual that she developed in tandem with Amrit Patel, theses two Acolytes have enslaved the souls of a number of prominent Kindred, including Lord Cadeyrn, Julia Kincaid, Grace Morgenstern, Xavier Ellison and Cynric St. George through a bond more powerful than the Vinculum.
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